Show Up! Supreme Boat Winter Boat Show Promotion

By Supremelive
Jan 10, 2023 · 2 min read

Supreme Offers FREE Upgrades At Boat Shows this Winter

January 9, 2023 (Merced, CA) – Customers who show up at a 2023 Supreme Boat Show this year can take advantage of free upgrades when they purchase a new boat. Supreme wants customers to look, act and feel the part of a Supreme surf boat owner when they hit the water this year.

Upgrade options fall into three categories: LOOK, ACT and FEEL.

LOOK options include Gel coat, upholstery and non-skid upgrades. ACT offers performance wake surf upgrades and FEEL encompasses comfort upgrades.

Customers pick one category, then choose options from within that category as follows:

LOOK – customers may choose any TWO from the following list:

  1. Free Gel Coat Scheme Upgrade
  2. Free Metal Flake Upgrade (in one area)
  3. Free non-standard hull base color upgrade
  4. Free all OTB upholstery upgrade
  5. Free upgrade to Gator step 2-color Supreme cut.

Or customers can pick ONE of three ACT options:

  1. Free upgrade to F-Series Black or White Tower by Roswell.
  2. Free upgrade from BombShell 1.0 to BombShell 2.0 sandblasted anodized racks.
  3. Free upgrade to Supreme plug-n-play rear surf ballast.

Or, if customers prefer to upgrade the FEEL of their new boat, they can choose TWO out of the following list of upgrade options.

  1. Free upgrade to a slide seat with component receptacles, slide track and limo lighting     
  2. Free upgrade to slide seat component: table (must be ordered with slide seat with receptacles)
  3. Free upgrade to a swimstep ladder
  4. Free upgrade to Grizzly 40-quart cooler with matching Gator Step non-skid

The promotions are only available at your nearest 2023 winter Supreme Boat Show, so go to your nearest show, pick out your new boat and choose which free upgrades you want.

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