2023 Supreme ZS252 floating in lake


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As much as 5100 pounds of ballast available in the 2023 Supreme ZS252 in as many as six different individually pumped locations...

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EZ-V Hull

Our all new Z252 embodies our commitment to staying ahead of the development curve and always bottom innovating...

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Dry Weight

5900 lbs

Fuel Capacity

70 gals

zs252 Specifications

The ZS252 is an entry-level wakeboard boat that defies type. Its easy off-the-line wake surf performance can be readily dialed up to professional level with the additional placement of as much as 5100 pounds of available ballast evenly distributed in six individually controlled locations. The optional QuickSurf System and Stinger Wake Plate create a wave longer than the hull that can be symmetrically switched from regular to goofy in seconds. Easily grow your skills with the additional ramp created by more ballast. Noise stays on the water as the EZ-V hull means inside noise as quiet as a common dishwasher. Wet Sounds offers amazing acoustics for your music right off the factory line, but Supreme offers the opportunity to customize as well. These are just a few reasons to consider the ZS252 – the boat that offers big fun at an entry level price.


As much as 5100 pounds of ballast available in the 2023 Supreme ZS252 in as many as six different individually pumped locations distributed evenly throughout the boat.

EZ-V Hull

Our all new Z252 embodies our commitment to staying ahead of the development curve and always bottom innovating. Built on our exceptional modified deep-V hull, this boat is ready for rough water. The EZ-V starts at 30 degrees of V beneath the bow and loses only 10 degrees as it moves forward to the transom, maintaining 20 degrees of deadrise at the back of the boat. With only 20 degrees of deadrise, it easily slices through chop while maintaining a smooth ride. That smooth ride also delivers unmatched to fuel efficiency, which stretches your on-the-water time. Whether you surf or board, the Z252 is designed accommodate your personal wake specs. The optional Supreme QuickSurf System and Stinger Wake Plate let you switch it up quickly. An available 5100 pounds of ballast, evenly distributed throughout the wakes boat, contributes to that flexibility. Make the wake longer than the boat for surfing or ramp up those for boarding – your choice. Don’t worry about missing any conversation either, because the extra along. noise suppression we have built in offers a quiet ride that lets you enjoy the friends and family you take It’s not just a boat. It’s a place to gather with close friends


Make no mistake, these water sports boats are designed and built to help you rule your surf wave like a titan! It starts at the water level with a modified deep-v that was created to displace more water with less ballast weight. Yet, the ZS252 is available with as much as 5100 pounds of ballast from the factory distributed evenly throughout the boat for a low bow rise smooth ride and to displace the entire running surface. This creates an extremely long wave with consistent push from face to curl. Whether you like to surf 20 feet behind the boat or right off the swim platform the Supreme ZS252 wave has a sweet spot just for you. The available QuickSurf System creates lift opposite the surf side, displacing the surf corner to form the wave. Thanks to the evenly distributed 6-position ballast and the high speed Lenco rams that power QuickSurf, that wave can be transferred or mirrored on the opposite side in 1.8 seconds. Also, with Supreme you are not locked-in to one wave style. With the combination of the Stinger Wake Plate or the new Silent Stinger option, QuickSurf, 6-location ballast settings and ZerOff Speed Control, you have unbelievable control over the height, length and shape of the surf wave. Out of the box, the ZS252 wave is incredible and easy to create, but through the amazing adjustability the boats surf performance can grow with your surfing skill.


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