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22' Length36" Draft
24' Length36" Draft
25'2" Length36" Draft
21'2" Length36" Draft
23'2" Length36" Draft

At Supreme Boats, we understand that each model gives you something different. When looking for one of our high performance wakesurf boats, we know that the internal ballast is a considerable factor. You’re going to want a lot of internal ballast; that way, your boat is weighed down further in the water to create bigger and better waves. At Supreme, we deliver the wakesurf boats that give you the best wakes and waves unmatched by the competition.

Not Every Boat is Designed for Wakesurfing

You can’t simply use any boat you have for wakesurfing. To safely carry out this water sport, you must use an inboard board. If you were to wakesurf behind an outboard or an inboard/outboard boat, you could be putting your life in danger. Due to where the propeller is in relation to the exhaust, it can be a hazard.

The design of Supreme ensures safety measures are being met and exceeded with all our wakesurfing boats. Your safety is our top priority, and we would never jeopardize our customers’ safety in any way. Choosing our Supreme wakesurf boats for sale can bring you peace of mind and comfort that we’re always looking out for you.

Speed is Key

You don’t want to buy a wakesurf boat for sale only to find that the speeds are too fast for the sport. A standard speed for wakesurfing tends to stay around 10 miles per hour. Depending on the make and model of that specific boat, the speeds can vary but not heavily.

With our wakesurf boats for sale, Supreme keeps the speeds designed for the owner. Whether you’re piloting for an experienced wakesurfer or a beginner, we have various models that can keep any type of surfer satisfied.

Invest in Yourself With Our Great Deals

We understand that purchasing a wakesurf boat for sale is a large investment. That’s why we offer the best deals and prices when it comes to our new and used boats. No matter what you’re in the market for, we’re confident you’ll find it at Supreme Boats!

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The strength of Supreme Boats is unmatched by any other boat company. Wherever you go out on the water, you will want a boat that confidently expresses you are. We are a leading manufacturer of wakesurf and wakeboard boats. With the option to fully customize your towboat, we’re confident you will find the perfect boat to match any wakesurf or wakeboarding style. Browse through our current lineup too see why we are the most valuable towboat on the market!